Taking a deep dive into NFT Paris — Monday 24th January 2022

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3 min readJan 24, 2022

On Saturday 22nd January, Paris was the home of the first NFT conference of 2022, NFT_Paris.

After the remarkable success of previous NFT’s meetings, it was already taken for granted the massive affluence this event brought into the City of Lights. The physical attendees were 500 (tickets sold out almost immediately) not to mention the online viewers that watched the event broadcast live on YouTube here.

NFT Paris invited some of the brightest voices of the Web3 industry to speak, discuss and share their thoughts about the most relevant matters related to the NFT ecosystems. From DeFi, to collectibles, to Crypto Art, to Metaverse, the topics discussed during the day were many. The space was surrounded by curated corners showcasing the pioneering crypto artists and digital artists of the NFT ecosystem, with curators like VerticalCrypto Art, MOCDA, Breezy, AlterHEN and many more.

VerticalCrypto Art had the pleasure to collaborate actively with the organisation of this grand événement: participating as a speaker to an engaging panel moderated by Fanny Lakoubay (NFT advisor, LAL Art) alongside Diane Drubay (Founder, We Are Museums/AlterHEN), Kate Vass (Founder, Kate Vass Galerie) and Pierre-Etienne Pommier (Arago Founder and CEO) on the topic of ‘Democratisation of Art through NFTs’.

The discussion gave a lot of food for thought. Nonetheless, the main focus was how much even the word ‘democratisation’ feels controversial in the context of art ownership. There are no doubts as individuals, we have a tendency to gather around valuable assets and reach a sense of belonging from them. It is still important to highlight hown the elitist scenario of the current art world, might and is in some shape slowly re-creating itself in the Crypto Art world. However, the possibilities of democratising access to blockchain technology can enable creators around the world to have an output for their work, thus creating a more democratised art world.

“This is what we’ve been focused on for over 8 months at the VerticalCrypto Art Residency program. We believe in democratising access to knowledge, by enabling creators around the world to have access freely and easily to resources and classes around metaverse-native topics, giving a chance for anyone to deep dive into web3. “ — Micol — CEO & Founder, VerticalCrypto Art.

More about our residency program here:http://residency.verticalcrypto.art/

NFT Paris — “Democratisation of Art through NFTs”

As part of the event, VCA was invited to curate a space in the exhibition. We showcased 8 exceptional who are pushing the boundaries and pioneering in the NFT space, both with a more extensive digital art practice as well as a few emerging creators from our Residency Program. The artists: Marjan Moghaddam, Murat Atimtay, Kalen Iwamoto, Max Osiris, Jesse Draxler, Walt Reunamo, Hyperikon and an anonymous OG crypto artist.

Overall, it was a unique opportunity for the European community to create more awareness about the evolution fo the NFT ecosystem and how various verticals: from art, to fashion, to music to digital goods are shifting and changing the current market dynamics due to the evolution and adoption of blockchain technology.

Let’s see where this journey will take us next!

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