A Contemporary West Hollywood Pop-up Exhibition, ART & NFT: The Digital Roots

VerticalCrypto Art
3 min readFeb 10, 2022



LOS ANGELES, CAFebruary 8, 2022 — Today, VerticalCrypto Art (VCA) and Rarible in partnership with Whitewall, announced ART & NFT: The Digital Roots, a contemporary West Hollywood pop-up exhibition. ART & NFT: The Digital Roots is hosted by NeueHouse (West Hollywood) and will run Thursday 17th and Friday 18th February.

The exhibition will present an engaging discussion on digital artists being synonymous with contemporary artists and feature 19 artworks from global artists exploring the collision between the disciplines.

This museum-like exhibition of pioneers in their respective digital categories is curated by Micol Ap, Founder of VerticalCrypto Art, a web3 curatorial media studio. Featured pieces include AI leader Mario Klingemann, award winning animator, Marjan Moghaddam, Jesse Draxler and Joëlle — two contemporary artists exploring digital art through NFTs, along with Yinka Ilori, Entangled Others, SamJ x Kate Cursed, and more.

“ART & NFT: The Digital Roots is an amazing opportunity to bring these trail-blazing artists who excel in the digital medium together and explore how web3 is impacting the art world. The exhibition, the talks, and the auction will feature pieces from a global mix of pioneering artists showcasing their work before the contemporary art world community.” — Micol Ap, Founder, VerticalCrypto Art.

Beginning on Thursday, February 17, ART & NFT: The Digital Roots with a private opening and speaker panel at 5:00pm PT followed by a public event with happy hour and music from 8:00–11:00pm PT at NeueHouse, West Hollywood. The panel will be moderated by Holly Wood, Rarible, with Jesse Draxler, Luna Ikuta, Robness and Johan König.

On Friday, February 18, the exhibition will be open from 10:00am — 10:00pm. Exhibiting artists: Mario Klingemann; Marjan Moghaddam; Yinka Ilori; Sofia Crespo (Entangled Others); SamJ x Kate Cursed; Miss AL Simpson; Jesse Draxler; Robness; Lucas Aguirre; Neurocolor; Brendan Dawes; Joëlle; Pindar; Henrik Uldalen; Ivona Tau; Maria Gudjohnsen; Nicole Ruggerio; Ania Catherine & Dejha Ti.

“We are very happy to partner with VerticalCrypto Art and Rarible to bring the digital art world into light during the exciting art week in LA. Bridging the traditional and the digital for our audiences in a new and exciting way” — Laurent Moïsi and Michael Klug, Whitewall.

All NFTs at ART & NFT: The Digital Roots will be minted on the energy efficient Tezos blockchain through VCA Auction and Rarible, a leading multi-chain non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace. A collection of the exhibited works will be auctioned as one-of-ones at the VCA Action beginning on Thursday, February 17 through Wednesday, February 23. The VCA Auction supports a 12-week residency for artists and creators including educational programs for metaverse-native skills and topics, as well as acts as an incubator for emerging artists to support their creative endeavors within web3.

The exhibition will also debut an Oculus VR experience from SamJ x Kate Cursed:

“This piece lies between the physicality of analog tech and the malleable, global nature of the digital realm. It’s important to view in virtual reality because it began its life on analog hardware before being 3D scanned and enhanced with digital additions. As an installation, it’s meant to be experienced in physical space. VR, in this context, is used like augmented reality as a portable delivery mechanism for this installation.” — Sam J, Artist.

The Tezos ecosystem has gained significant traction from leading brands, artists, creators, and sport franchises as the place to mint low cost and energy-efficient NFTs. In 2021 alone, the Tezos network processed over 50 million transactions with the energy consumption equivalent to 17 global citizens.

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